Too Far Gone

Cover for Too Far Gone.

Too Far Gone is an action packed addiction memoir about the true life of our writer A. T. Micalizzi. It is in a similar tone to Beautiful Boy and Go Ask Alice.

After a long history of mental health problems, Diane took to alcohol as her release. When she drank, she changed from a loving mom to a monster set out to destroy everyone in her path. Throughout her children’s upbringing, the “monster” took a more prominent role and sent the Mazzani family in a downward spiral.

After fifteen years of alcoholism, multiple arrests, and deteriorating health, Diane’s family must face the “monster” head on in an unbelievable situation before they lost their mom forever.

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Over 20 million Americans struggle with addiction. Too Far Gone shows the struggle that too many families have to endure every day.

To combat alcoholism, A. T. partnered with the national mental health foundation To Write Love on Her Arms. With each purchase, he is donating a portion of the funds to families that struggle with mental health issues and addiction. You can help save a life. For more on their company or to make a donation, please visit their website