The Death of a Salesman

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A scene from the play Death of a Salesman – The poem is based on it.


America, America

Why treat me so bad?

My ancestors came for prosperity

In the new land


America, America

I put my sweat and tears in my work

You repay me with despair

And the failure of my dreams constantly lurk


America, America

Help me through these days

I’m hurting

From the words of promise you always say


America, America

Give me the life you gave many others

I long for a house with a white picket fence

And a pool to swim in throughout the summer


America, America

Keep me from doing something beyond belief

I don’t feel like a man

But I can’t cause my family so much grief


America, America

It seems like my only way out

If I was gone, a new life for my family will sprout

I’m leaving this country, I’m leaving this world

America denied me of all the hopes that I once desired

In order to support my family, death is now the only dream I aspire

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