Don’t Settle

“What do you want to do? What are you interested in as a career?

Better figure it out fast; you’re down another year

Your life’s a ship in the open ocean and you’re the only one that can steer

Your future’s determined by the decision you make right now, right here

Why do you hesitate? What could you possibly fear?”


“I fear dreading the alarm clock on a Monday morning

I cringe at the thought of my boss’ daily scorning

The prospect of working a job I hate should be a warning

To all those living a life just for a steady earning

Dream Big; Work Hard; Don’t Settle”

“Dreams are for sleeping, get a grip on reality

The saying, ‘Anyone could do anything they put their mind to’ is a fallacy

Pick a career and work towards your mastery

Illusions won’t make you a salary

Settle on your future, budget out your life, and start a family”


“Maybe you’re right, maybe I’m the one being crazy

But I can’t let the opinions of others phase me

Using the lottery as a way out of your mundane existence is lazy

I refuse to sit still as the world is constantly changing

Even lions are weak when they’re not set free”


“Do you think you’re the first to make dreams your aim?

I laid it all on the line for a taste of fame

Until I returned home broke, gutted, and ashamed

I settled to join the millions who are nothing but a name

Don’t make the same mistake I did, kid. We are both just the same”


“Our futures vastly differ

My dreams may shatter in a million pieces too; but you allowed yours to wither

Opportunities aren’t bought by the highest bidder

So every time my dream comes crashing down, I’ll build them up bigger and bigger

And when the light at the end of the tunnel fades out, I’ll be proud of the man in the mirror”


“So go now, start your life

The thunderstorms ahead will bring you a great deal of strife

Winds will snatch your youth like a thief in the night

And when you look back on your life, my life, our life

Remember to tell the next kid how you became truly happy and successful: Dream Big; Work Hard; Don’t Settle.”

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