About the Team

So Who Are We?

We are three lifelong friends looking to better the world with our creative pursuits. Each of us bring a unique perspective to our work and collaborate to create the best novels, comics, speeches, podcasts, music, drawings, and poems.

Andrew Arcangeli currently works as a video editor for PBS. He is the creator and host of the wonderfully entertaining podcast about everything, Andrewcast, which is featured on our site! He is an award winning artist with work featured all over the Philadelphia area. We are pleased that he is sharing some of his art with us. He is also one half of the rap duo, Avalanche, with Anthony. Finally, he consistently releases his original comic, The Ribbon. Follow two warrior brothers, one ancient artifact, and a thousand year war for control of the planet.

Anthony (Son Anthony) Clarkson is currently in a master’s program for school counseling. Outside of his love for working with students in need, Anthony constantly makes new music. Whether is is releasing new rap mixtapes, beat tapes, acoustic guitar songs, or ditties, he will always bring new unheard music to our team. In addition, Anthony is piloting a collection of short stories called, Black Coffee. Each story takes place in a diner but will leave your breathless by the end.

Anthony (A. T.) Micalizzi is a high school Social Studies teacher and published author. His first book, Too Far Gone, follows his mom’s struggles with addiction and how it led his family into the pits of hell before a small light shone through. The book drove him into the field of mental health, so check out his page to learn more about his partnership with, To Write Love on Her Arms and his blog. He is working on the sequel to his first book as well as, The Last Game: his first fiction novel. A. T. writes and releases new poetry for your enjoyment as he works to reach 52 full poems in 2018. Finally, he will be releasing a new issues of, “Life in Essays” exclusively for viewers of this website each week.

As we grow, expect new and exciting releases each week geared to bringing YOU the best content imaginable. So, your input matters! We welcome any and all guest posts and content to be featured. We will carefully review your work and determine its appropriateness for our site. Hopefully we’ll be able to collaborate and add YOU to our team in the future.